Accelerating the Pace of Engineering

TECSI Solar was established with the single purpose of advancing the engineering capabilities of companies in the solar space.  The solar industry is a fast-paced and volatile market making long term investment in large scale engineering teams difficult to maintain.  TECSI is intended to fill those gaps and bring technical expertise to where and when you need it.

TECSI has competency in all aspects of product development and offers extensive services to support those efforts.  We couple our professional engineering services with business development expertise to provide a balanced approach to problem solving.  TECSI has helped several companies benchmark their product against their competitors, develop and release products that were in the concept stage, and setup overseas supply chain.  Whether it be for a turn-key solution or just finishing up a small project that you don’t have time for, TECSI can do it.

The founder of TECSI Solar, Samuel Truthseeker P.E., has been developing solar products and bringing them to market for more than 20 years.  He is an expert in the field and has gathered a team of highly qualified engineers to support you and your company’s needs.  TECSI will work efficiently and diligently to ensure your project moves forward quickly.  With a focus on value building, TECSI engineers will provide valuable feedback to help you avoid development pitfalls that can lead to missed deadlines and cost overruns.

Samuel is heavily involved in the codes and standards development for solar products and is a member of several groups working on improving the standards.  Please see our Resources page for additional information on activities spearheaded by TECSI.

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