The staff at TECSI are highly qualified engineers with a passion for problem solving and profit building. They understand the product landscape and can help navigate your organization away from common pitfalls.  The TECSI team is motivated, intelligent and experienced.  They can development and launch a product from scratch, or they can lend support to accelerate a program already in progress.  Whatever the need, the TECSI team is here to help.

Samuel Truthseeker P.E. (ME)

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Samuel is the founder and principal engineer of TECSI solar.  He has over 15 years of solar experience as an engineer and engineering manager.  He has designed, tested, certified and released to production over a dozen solar products.  Samuel is results driven, focused and dedicated to delivering the best services possible.

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Ronald Migdal P.E. (SE & CE)


Ronald is a highly experienced Structural and Civil engineer with a vast and diverse knowledge base.  He has evaluated many different types of solar structures including ground mounts, trackers and roof top racking systems.  He leverages his understanding of solar products and their application to engineer designs that are safe, reliable, code compliant and cost effective.


Ian Crecelius (Sr. Reliability Engineer)

Ian brings over 12 years of solar industry product development experience in testing, certification, and reliability analysis.  He is an expert in risk assessment and has used that knowledge to successfully launch over two dozen solar products to market, both domestically and internationally.  In addition, Ian has extensive experience with failure analysis and root cause corrective actions.  He leverages his management and organizational skills to bring product needs into focus with efficiency and clarity.


Bryan Cusick (mechanical engineer ii)

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Bryan is a solid, hands-on mechanical engineer.  He has redesigned, tested, and improved several of the SunPower racking/tracking products during his 6 years term as a Sr. Product Engineer.  He has extensive hands on experience which he uses to develop practical cost effective solutions.  He couples this with his knowledge of market trends to produce cutting edge designs that meet both code and customer’s needs.


Reuben Baril (ME) – P.E. (EE)

Reuben is a self-motivated energetic professional with over 10 years of experience in the solar industry.  He has broad experience taking new solar products thru concept, design, testing, development, certification, and project construction.  He is the electrical engineer of record for numerous commercial rooftop, ground mount, and carport projects.  Utilizing his extensive experience in construction, he also consistently provides cost effective solutions for these projects.  In addition, Reuben’s combined mechanical and electrical background allows him to consistently provide uniquely insightful perspectives to the development and deployment of all types of solar related products.


Gaston Alvarez  (Engineer II)

Gaston is a diverse problem solver ready to take on challenges using both mechanical and electrical engineering principles.  His background in renewable energy and product design allows him to create practical models, prototypes, and testing apparatus that ensures  products are reliable and meets customer’s needs.  Gaston has hands-on experience with designing, installing and troubleshooting PV applications for commercial and industrial clients as well as maintaining and troubleshooting wind turbines. He works well with multi-disciplinary teams and believes that collaboration is the key to providing the best solution for any project.



TECSI has a large pool of associate partners and consultants that can be leveraged to help your company meet its goals.  If TECSI doesn’t have the expertise you need, give us a call anyway.  We can help get you in contact with the right company or consultant for your needs.