“Samuel is one of the most creative people I have worked with and always brings new ideas and approaches to solving a problem. However, what I find unique, is that he compliments that creativity with a strong drive and follow through to bring his ideas all the way through concept, development and into production. Along the way he uses his strong analytical abilities and a data driven approach to ensure that in the end we have created an optimized solution…” – James Cartwright, Director of Module Products at SunEdison

“Samuel is a solar rockstar who understands the space and what products are needed to take it to the next level. He is always asking why and digging into an issue until it is fully understood.  He is a true engineer who can get into the weeds and a leader who understands the big picture.” – Brian Wildes, CTO Ecolibrium

 “Samuel is a strong leader with clear thinking, passion and a tenacious focus on the goal. He provided solutions for my group with clear work scope, risks, and time frame. Samuel’s ability to think strategically along with professional engineering knowledge have provided extremely valuable perspectives on projects.” – Karen Dzienkowski, Sr. Director Business Development at SunEdison

“He is technically strong and able to effectively supervise complex engineering development while simultaneously filling a high-level individual contributor role. He quickly identifies problems, be they technical or organizational, and is tenacious and effective at driving to a solution. Samuel’s communication is extremely clear and straightforward – he creates a team environment that is very positive and productive. Samuel is also a lot of fun to work with.” – Kevin Fine, Engineering Manager, Tesla Energy

Not very often have I had the chance to work with someone who possesses the high level of ability and breadth of knowledge necessary to interface with as wide a variety of technical specialties and effectively manage them as Samuel. – Ronald Migdal, Principal Engineer RJMSE