The following are general service areas that are most popular with clients.  For a complete list of expert capabilities, please see the Centers of Excellence page.

Product Analysis

An objective product analysis helps you understand how your product stacks up against the competition. Defining and measuring product advantages inspires marketing while understanding challenges guides product improvement efforts.

Product Development

We accelerate your product development by adding horsepower and expertise. We also take on turnkey product development projects that leverage your core strengths and vision.

Rapid Prototyping, Testing & Validation

TECSI’s full service machine shop and testing facility allows us to provide rapid turnaround times for prototypes.  We can make it and test it within a day at costs lower than your local machine shop and testing agency.  In addition, we can create test and validation tools specific to your needs.

Testing and Certifications

We expertly navigate through the testing and certification process to ensure the most positive results. We can help you choosing the right test lab and submit the right products the first time and negotiate results, to reduce your time to market and save you money.  In addition, TECSI has the capability to run many of the tests at our facilities providing you feedback prior to launching into an expensive test program at a certification agency.


We have scanned low cost countries and identified partners with high quality so you don’t have to. Let us help you reduce your COGS and extend your supply chain.


From spreadsheets to web based tools, we providing our clients with software that enhances their product’s value proposition and brand image.

Engineering Services

Need a helping hand with engineering experience?  Have a stack of drawings that you need completed but just can seem to find the time?  Let TECSI tackle your engineering grunt work and free up your resources to focus on more mission critical tasks.

P.E. Services

Structural, Civil and Mechanical, and Electrical P.E. stamps and services.  Our engineers understand solar and the forces products will see while in service.  This experience is leveraged during the analysis of components whether it be through traditional analytical means or through FEA software analysis.  In addition, our engineers can develop targeted tests and test setups that ensure that results will be correct, accurate, and useful to civil engineers who rely upon the data.

Legal Support (Expert Witness)

Our in-depth technical expertise and creative thinking can help you win legal cases.  We have extensive understanding of codes and standards, fire safety, electrical hazards, proper installation practices, product standards, and product design.  We can help you determine failure modes and provide strategies for a more successful litigation or defense.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

We can help you reduce your risk when considering a merger or company/product acquisition.  Leverage our expertise and vast knowledge of industry trends, product design, and market pressures.  We can provide you with an unbiased assessment to help navigate your options to provide the highest value for the lowest investment.

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