Module Integrated Wire Management


The SoftPaw™ wire management feature came about through the desire to remove wire management clips and ties completely from the installation process.  The SoftPaw feature is incorporated into all 4 sides of the module so it is always there when you need it.  Run PV pigtail wires along the top while home run cables run along the bottom.  In addition, the cables can come preloaded in SoftPaw essentially removing wire management all together.

Download the SoftPaw brochure and explore how it reduces your costs and streamlines your installation.  SoftPaw is applicable to residential, commercial, and utility applications and can be included to any existing frame wall design.  Just ask your supplier for modules that have have SoftPaw and start installing lower cost higher reliable systems today.           


SoftPaw Tracker Installation

When wires come preloaded from the factory in the SoftPaw feature, they are protected during installation since they are tucked away under the frame.  When you are ready to connect one module to the other you simply pull the connector out and connect it to the next module as shown in this video.  The wires will stay in place for the life of the system.


SoftPaw Shake TestingThe SoftPaw feature has been exhaustively tested for reliability and functionality. This video of shake testing was captured after the SoftPaw product had been deployed for almost a year in Colorado. The SoftPaw feature acts as a spring ensuring compression even under the hottest and coldest temperature swings.   


Current wire management devices carry significant risk to quality and long term reliability.  Read how integrated wire management devices like SoftPaw can reduce your risks and installation costs.


A technical overview of wire management device evolution.  Follow the history from the original zip tie to the newest fully integrated solutions along with best practices for testing and evaluation.    Explore the common risks of polymeric ties and metal clips and how fully integrated devices like SoftPaw mitigate these risks, lower the installation costs, and provide a maintenance free lifetime solution.    


See how the costs for SoftPaw stack up against the competition using TECSI Solar’s online Wire Management Cost Estimation Tool.  This comprehensive tool covers all types of wire management devices.  It allows one to analyse  the true cost of ownership by considering not only part costs but, service life, technology risk, labor costs, and future O&M. 


Fill out this 1 minute survey to show your support for SoftPaw.  We will  combine your information with other voices to let your module manufacture and your distributor know you want SoftPaw.   The more that sign up, the quicker we will make SoftPaw a standard feature  on every module.